This forum is funny

I have been here over two years writing my stuff and many people have disappeared during these years, but many other people have come in, topics change quite interestingly, but I like to be here.


Do you prefer the older days and the people who were around back then?

The world changes and the forum changes.

True, true, sometimes it changes too fast though.

I would like to stay on this forum for some time. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s posts and I’ve met some lovely people.


It should more funny but humor is relative to the individual, usually the individual that is providing the humor is ostresized here for it, I would love to see a humor place here.

I could go on and on with racial, sexist jokes but id get run out of town, because the powers that be will say that its “triggering”.

To them is says toughen up muthaf****er, it just a joke .

Look at larry the cable guy ,he can laugh at his self,why cant we?..I freaking love that guy and im not even white.

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Yeah man , I’ve being through all this , lots more personality , resillance and social skills being shown by posters. I’m on balance, in that group but I think people shouldn’t forget that serious MI is well , serious aswell.

we should all meet up some day?

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I agree. So many different personalities here and I love a good, dry sense of humor. I visit the forums multiple times a day. When I start work in a week I’ll miss y’all something crazy, but I’ll be sure to check in on lunch breaks and before/after work.


I don’t know …that might result In a world crises,historically when free thinkers herd up? a change of political and religious doctoral takes place, and that is unacceptable to the current powers that be.


I :heart: you all. Even the ones that :broken_heart: me.


i will pay for it all, free hotels drink the lot

LOL kinda like a poor mans bildererburger conference?

I am there man!