Brian Wilson

I love this song by the Beach Boys. That’s Brian Wilson in the middle, singing lead. I don’t what age he became schizophrenic, but you have to wonder, " At the time they recorded this, was he in the prodamal stage of his illness"/ Because I can’t believe that his voice is so pure and perfect. Because he’s schizophrenic. Not to stereotype a fellow schizophrenic.But close your eyes and listen to his vocals. Can anyone with THAT voice have anything wrong with him? Not only that, he wrote or co-wrote most of their early hits and he was even the producer of lots of their records. Simply amazing.

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I didnt know a singer from the beach boys was schizophrenic…thats kind of cool to know. Nice video. Thanks for sharing :

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Man he did ALOT of drugs - like me drugs probably triggered him into SZ land!

I think he was also violently abused by his father growing up which could have caused some brain damages that could have triggered it.

I think manson did it to him.

Same poop that happened to me actually so i would know.

Manson showed up, hung out, and then brian was a schizophrenic.

They did the same thing to me.


It didn’t help he had some crackpot therapist who made him do weird ■■■■ like keep a sandpit in his house…( i’m sure I heard that ). Yeah his father was terribly abusive and I think he may have been partially deaf from getting clipped across the head!

Treatments weren’t good back in the 70’s even and the prevalence of hallucinagenics and other drugs were certainly big in the music industry…he wasn’t he only musician to suffer from schizophrenia!

If your interested check out Jim Gordon and Mick Fleetwood…two widely different outcomes but problematic for the sufferers!

A friend in the struggle,


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