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The tallest guy in the middle is Brian Wilson. He later became schizophrenic (though his diagnosis was later changed) But he was the leader and a musical genius who was mainly responsible for the Beach Boys success. Not only was he a great singer and writer but he was instrumental in laying down the harmonizing of the group and he pioneered many great innovations in the recording studio.


Watch this nick, you’ll laugh.

The video isn’t downloading @anon84763962. It has copyright issues and it’s blocked.

Only in america apparently…

Is this the same video @anon84763962 ?





Sorry nick, cross continental issues.


That was funny @anon84763962. My type of humor.

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I’m so glad you liked it nick! I like making you smile!

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Yeah I consider myself a fairly big fan of Wilson and the Beach Boys.

I really recommend the movie, Love and Mercy.

It’s about Brian Wilson and his time with the Beach Boys and recording Pet Sounds. It also documents his struggles with sz.

It’s probably my favorite movie on sz.

Nice thread, Nick. :v:

My favourite beach boys songs are these. I know california dreaming is a cover though.

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