Brendan Burchard

Brendan Burchard

At the end of the

day we draw a picture.

The only question is,

why is it not a better

picture. Live. Love. Matter.

- Brendan Burchard.


Hey sagar sup…i like this quote…!! Why dont u try cbt therapy…i am soon joining it buddy…how are ur negative symptoms

I made that quote.

Live. Love. Matter.

  • Brendan Burchard.

the rest of the quote is mine.

I am getting lots of headaches and sometimes internal movement like feeling and heart is beating faster,

I need to visit doctor.

Yes as soon as possible…!!!

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Are you taking a nootropic? The racetam stacks made me feel that way.

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I am taking CEREBROLYSIN, after that health improved.

The most important changes in my entire life happened with

  1. Acetyl-L-carnitine

  2. Choline Bitartrate


  1. CEREBROLYSIN — This I don’t know what is happening but 1 and 2 were mind changing

the most benefit came from 1 and 2 but

2 the choline source needs to be taken regularly and I no longer have it

or almost over

but Acetyl - L - Carnitine was the most important thing

ever that happened in my life.

I think Schizophrenia is like something eating you from inside…

Yes, that is true.

Schizophrenia is a Brain Degenerative disease so

Schizophrenia is like a brain disorder that is eating you from inside

so any improvement does improve our brains a lot

but our brain - the network is disconnected

so any benefits in a defective network

are not connected to our consciousness

and added to it

schizophrenia is eating us from inside so any development

looks temporary but I must say

nootropics like

1 and 2

and peptides like 3 actually work.

You must continue using them.

I think racetams give headaches when choline source is not taken

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You’re very intelligent as to nootropics (I read a review from you on a nootropic website).

Thanks for the info on Acetyl-L-carnitine and Choline Bitartrate.

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I have serious thought + memory disorders and it seems to be like having multiple disorders

and all these disorders are like birth defects.

  1. Deviated septum

  2. Teeth birth defect ( My sister a dentist told me what it is, but I don’t remember the name, some cere… )

  3. Schizophrenia

  4. Dementia ( I don’t know whether I have dementia or not

but I do have worst memory problems

Schizophrenics do have memory problems

but my memory is worse than worst

I live like an ANIMAL

in the moment



it could be Fungal Infection that I contacted during Junior College days

or it could be side effect of Rabies Virus

when I was a kid in 2nd grade and returned home and

then a monkey took a good chunk of flesh

out of my right hand after I

said ish

becoz it was drinking the water in tub which is scarce

and I read somewhere that Rabies Virus Travels to Brain

through AcytylCholine Receptors or something like that

so Rabies vaccine was given but it could have already

permanently damaged my brain.

  1. Depression ( I got Depression after using high doses of Anti-psychotics

Olanzapine+Resperidone and Depression robbed happiness in my life )

Depression changed my character,

I started insulting my parents about money.

I lost happiness in every possible way

and Depression is the culprit.

I did use several nootropics when ever I could grab some money

but it is useless

I think the nootropics I used is small quantiites and the effects sometimes

in some cases of certain nootropics seem to be temporary.


NSI-189 enlarges the Hippocampus Brain which is a part of brain very very important

and anti psychotics shrink it causing depression

but recently NSI-189 is held from selling and it’s no longer sold everywhere

and by the time I knew NSI-189 could fix everything

I didn’t have money and it’s not available on internet

So I become angry and start insulting my parents.

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NSI-189 is said to be most successful nootropics ever !!! ???

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I will never have a normal life like family bcoz

people who surround me seem to unleash hell in my life

When I reach the middle line of my bottom

I find a depression there as if a tail

was surgically removed

and this is the first time

I am speaking/typing about it

so hell in my life is real.

Mind Control technology is completely real.


Way bhai …nothing can cure ur sz nor mine
.the only thing is we have to struggle man…take care and take medixine as precribed by ur pdoc…