Can’t get high anymore with recreational drugs due to getting sz?

Want to feel healthier?

Have asthma?

Want to feel better about yourself?

Try reading this insightful article:

How to breathe | Psyche Guides


You are doing breathing exercises aren’t you @far_cry0 ? Do you care to elaborate the techniques you are doing?

Cheers :slight_smile:

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I have been trying some meditation recently. I tried doing a 10 minute session after work on the floor in lotus position. It made the transition from being at work to having free time much more comprehendable. Like I was able to let go of the “work-mode” and transition into relaxation much easier. I will definitly try to keep it up as it is very beneficial and well worth the 10 minutes.

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My day is not complete without it.

This article is more about, " How to breathe

Whether your aim is improved health, mental calm or achieving transcendence, breathing techniques can help you get there."

It covers prayanama breathing and talks about other ancient hindu yogic breathing too. It is well worth the read! :slight_smile:


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