Does anyone here meditate?

Honestly even on the meds I have a busy mind. If I need to quiet down I often just count my breaths. I’m not sure it qualifies but I find it hard to have a still mind.

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I’ve been meditating for 10 years.
I’m quite experienced.
I have passed all jhanas and samadhis

I have been interested in meditation for about 5 years. I have read about it. I have only tried a few times. I have not been able to make it a habit. What I do now is sit peacefully, when I can, and clear my mind that way.
I believe in it, but I just can’t get started.

I meditate but I don’t do deep meditation. My therapist has a fear I’ll disassociate too far. What I do is sit and breath. When I thought comes in, I label it and let it go. It has really helped I letting go of weird thoughts that may pop up during the day. Also, you can do it with your eyes open so no one has to know.

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