Breathing Pattern : Notice them?

Have you guys notice the difference in the breathing pattern.

While you are on to some thing?

I’m not sure what you mean.

My breathing pattern changes when I get anxious and my symptoms start acting up.

I’m one of the much maligned mouth breathers :sweat_smile:

Its like, if I am onto some task after a couple of hours, I feel elivated in heart rate and breath wise, So my psycologist had thought me an exercise, and every hour while at work breath in and out through mouth 5 times and the current state of mind gets linked to 45 mins of relaxing exercise.

So the breathing pattern is the key, I think so.

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When I’m at work I try to take a 2 minute break every hour or so to stand up and stretch, get some water or coffee and move around. I find this helps greatly. I don’t know about my breathing though.

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I had also asked the psycologist, if I could share this exercise with others, he said not to, for some it may react differently at their health conditions.

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