Breaking things

I break everything I touch. I volunteered to mow and do weed eating at the assisted living center for the mentally ill where I live. I get paid for it. Our old weed eater went out and they bought me a new one. I broke it in less than an hour. I got the head of the weed eater too close to a rock, and it broke the lines that cut the weeds. They went up into the spool, and I couldn’t get the spool off to reset the lines. I was scared to try too hard to pull it off. This kind of thing always happens to me. It is embarassing and discouraging.

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Hi crimby,

I swear we had twelve of those things (weed eater/weed wacker/trimmer/watchyamacallit) at the place I used to volunteer and two actually worked. It can be difficult getting those spools off though can’t it? And they are not all the same, some come off differently than others, so I can’t really offer much advice on that. Sorry.

Good for you for volunteering though, and don’t feel embarrassed, though I can relate to this feeling, everybody hates fiddling with those darn things…

Thanks. I feel better. Those darn things are tempermental.

Hey, accidents happen. Learn from your mistakes. Was that weed-eater defective. I’ve used them before and lines break all them time when they hit rocks and they never get jammed like that. Did the broken line get tangled and jammed in the spool?

We had our for a year before it broke.

Hey, I trashed THREE vacuums at work within a year. People were making jokes about it. But it wasn’t all my fault.They weren’t made for industrial use. I haven’t broken one in three years now because we got the right equipment now. You sure that, that weed eater was heavy-duty enough for that job? Maybe it wasn’t entirely your fault.

They tore up a sidewalk right where I was weed eating. There were big chunks of concrete all through the grass I was cutting.

Don’t feel too bad, those weed eaters are so fussy and they tangle on me all the time. Sometimes you have to be a bit forceful with them. But keep the receipt and if it happens again and again, return it as a defective unit. Trust me… there are some out there that are just a waste of plastic and time.

I found the manual on the thing and got the spool off. Now I have line ready again. The line is tangled on the spool, though.

I think it comes tangled as a joke from the manufactures. I’ve spent many hours untangling those. Eventually, it’s just easier to buy a new spool and work on the tangled one when the work is done.