I have fears that nothing will work

Washing machine, dryer, car, plumbing, etc. This is really annoying to me as it causes anxiety. I think it’s because my parents didn’t work very well and they’re either a bad habit in my mind or I miss them or both.

I have fears that every will work fine except when I try to use it. I always fear that I will break everything. I also fear that I will break my parents and most of all I will break my kid sis. I break glasses, I brake microwaves, I break windows, I break people. I hate breaking everything around me.

But I’m going to learn how not to break stuff. I want to learn how to fix stuff now.

I share your feelings. I broke so many things. I fear I break my mom. I fear I break the people. I’m so fearful of myself I want to put myself into a plastic bag.

Been there lived through it.the year I got a divorce, not surprizingly, everything in my house (I got the old house, he got a brand new twice as expensive one) that could break, did. Starting with the garage door opener, my car brakes, driver side window, antenna, tires,radiator( never been in the shop before), in the house, venetian blinds, closure, cord, garbage disposal, dishwasher, dryer, security cameras, printer, imac, heater/air conditioner, toaster, ceiling leaked in two spots, toilet keeps running, bolt in refridgerator holding the shelves up sheared off, screen door lock broke apart…I could keep going on, but you get the idea.
Thing is, most everything that broke was bought brand new in 2006, the year our house got flooded.
Coincidence? I’d say harrassment. But whatever, you know what happened?
What I didn’t learn to fix, we are just doing without, and doing just fine.
We didn’t die. The world kept going without a beat. Life just keeps on going forward. It’s not the end of the world.
And besides, I’m getting to be quite the handywoman. I’m proud of all Ihave been through.

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