Getting away with it at work. Controversial post

I’ve gotten away with a LOT at my jobs. When I worked at Kohl s for three years I was supposed to learn every brand for every department of all brands of clothes, all bake ware, all kitchen appliances,vacuums, rugs, linen, shoes. And where most of it went. I never did.I learned about half. I never did learn how to put away most of the clothing. almost everybody else learned. We had about 50 or 60 brands of clothes. I worked their three years and I was constantly asking my co-workers where stuff went. And I will mention that I rarely talked to anyone in the break rooms on breaks, even with people I had worked shoulder to shoulder with for years. When I was a park ranger. Anyone know what a weedwacker (weed-eater) is? James might. We had a gasoline powered one.I didn’t like it because it was awkward, heavy, noisy and the stupid ‘fish lines’ got worn down every 5 or 10 minutes. I had to constantly shut it off when I used it on weeds in the park and change lines.My boss assigned me to a job cutting weeds around at least 50 big boulders. The line kept snapping on the rocks and I had to stop and change it often. So I did half and stopped. I just didn’t finish. My boss never said a word. Someone else finished. And all my co-workers cleaned brush from the hills regularity. I NEVER did. I quit after two years. My hot tub technician job I was responsible for all the maintence in the building. Cleaning, painting, scrubbing, water temperatures, vacuuming, scraping, watering plants, taking paint off with cleaner. I did some of that, but barely. In fact, I hung around out back and walked around. My boss had to have known but he never said a word. I lasted FOUR YEARS. My co-worker did less than me. Instead of scrubbing floors in 8 private rooms, he was relegated to walking the female bosses dog! And though she was married to the co-owner, the dog-walking co-worker became her boyfriend. Cool guy but a non mentally ill space-case. My job at Target. Unloading trucks on the graveyard shift. I couldn’t learn where to put the merchandise on specific pallets. I did it for a couple months until they took me off the truck and put me on stocking shelves. I did this for three months before a cool co-worker told me the bosses were going to fire me because I was too slow. So I consciously sped up and worked there three more months before I got fired for missing three nights in a row without calling in. Now here’s my point, and I want to make it CHRYSTAL CLEAR. I am not advocating deliberately trying to get ways with stuff on the job. My point is that there is leeway on jobs. You don’t have to be perfect. If I can get away with all that then certainly maybe one of you guys may be able to get a job and not do it perfectly. If there was so much wiggle room for me, maybe you guys can do better than me. Employers give people a fair chance. It is easier to keep someone who may not be the best worker instead of having to hire a new guy/girl and train them. Employers overlook stuff. At least in some jobs. Don’t get me wrong. I have been the best worker at jobs. I worked hard and did way more than my share of work.I have been the worst. I have not put anyone in danger, I don’t steal, I just do my best.


I don’t think you’re post is controversial. If someone tries and do something, anything, employers will try to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Employers want people to succeed. Yes, there are some bad bosses out there. But the work place has a way of finally sorting it’s self out.
Showing up with a good attitude and a willingness to try will take a person a long way. The willingness to try is important to employers.

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I’ve used a weed-whacker a few times, nothing difficult, hate changing the line.
I was always the worker who took up the other workers slack, it can be real hard to find workers that come in on time when they’re supposed to and do the job they were hired for.
Once when in a children’s shelter, I was volunteered to wash the dinner dishes. With nothing better to do I washed, dried and put away every single dish, plate, pot and pan in the kitchen. When the head guy came in, looked around, started yelling about “who did the kitchen tonight?” I thought I was on trouble and refused to answer up. Someone ratted me out and I got shoo’d into the kitchen. All the big wigs were so impressed with how clean it was, they thanked me over and over, and let me go out on the “special” trips each night that normally were earned once a month.
Bad thing was, They elected me to do all the KP duty (kitchen patrol) for every meal.

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You never want to be too thorough or you might be the go-to person for a certain task. Really that is how you stick around.

Even though I was sometimes late for my job I became indispensable by getting credit card applications in record numbers at my retail job.

i sub contracted for a while , i was always getting into trouble, getting banned from premises/buildings because they deemed me rude.
when i was a courier in the city, in my 20’s if people were rude to me and said to be careful with certain items, i would open up the back of the van, and those parcels , boxes would learn to fly…in the confined space…aaaahhhhh…satisfaction.
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Exactly kidsister. Exactly what I have experienced.