Breaking the mold

how unique does schizophrenia/sza make you feel as in different to normal people, what are your differences that you can notice?


I mean, the symptoms themselves make me different. But in general, I don’t feel any different than “normal” people.


after my first hard fall,
all my creativity got better, and better, and better.


my crazy anxiety really makes me stand out
anywhere i go
do anything
i must look like a mad woman!
i’m so self conscious and paranoid too
i think the lady at the shop is observing me and hubby in a negative way
i see things others can’t see
i talk to myself all day in my head
i avoid everything almost

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that response doesn’t seem like your original post.

oh sorry i don’t know whether it makes sense?

should i edit something?

Another thing that makes me feel unique is i have a huge deal of empathy

Like it must come from my upbringing

Before mental illness i was always well liked and popular at school and in church liking being friendly to everyone i met. I was very sociable

I never had any problems until i wanted to leave church and then it blew my mind and the anxiety started paranoia everything

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Well I have grandiosity symptoms so I feel special even if I’m not in reality.

Kind of a nice feeling though.

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I think we’re all kinda special here especially you miss Mae uhmm sorry Sloth

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Aw lol. Thanks I’m sure we are all equally special just I don’t know ppl very well so I don’t always see it. :sweat_smile:

Plus it’s my illness. I know you are just as special as me really :notes:

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Sometimes i feel more normal than normies. I have better control over my emotions in general because i had to become hyper aware of them

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