Breaking news. Teabags contain A LOT of plastic!

Well well well…!!!

Something like 11 billion micro grams of plastic in one cup! Damn

Damn that is scary. I’ll read this article when I have a minute.

I hear plastic has a lot of vitamin D.


those triangular ones are really bad. Cloth ones are ok.

You sure? That’s 11Kg! Anyways are organic brown ones as bad? I am sure the triangular ones have plastic, they feel like it.

Why Do I Find Thus Whole Project Unbelievable.

Plastic, in Teabags?.

Gotta Be Honest I’m Pretty Much Bored With The Idea of Tea.

But!, Plastic?.

Article Paranoia Prank Show Probably.


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Better to drink loose tea. Tea is very good for you.

I’ve seen most ocean seafood has microplastics. It really is a concern for me because I love seafood and it’s hard enough and expensive enough that I can’t eat it all the time. Not to get political but we need more sane answers to our planetary approach.

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I completely agree. Plastic is literally destroying the planet.

Even table salt has plastic, wtf?

Hopefully sea salt is better.

The internet is exposing everything!

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Be careful of somethings on the internet though. It’s easy to say this does that or this and not have to do any studies or critical analysis. The curse of the wiki generation. STill. Plastic is a huge problem in the ocean and that is from reliable sources.

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