Reusable bags

NY is banning single use plastic bags by 2020 so I am trying to get into using reuseables. Today my husband bought me 3 huge ones with cats!


I have reusable bags in my trunk but always forget to bring them in to the store

I’m going to have to remember. I can bag the stuff at the car if i forget.

I think that’s pretty cool. I’m not much of a save-the-planet guy but they are bad for the environment. I think the reusable ones are a good idea. The only thing is i keep the plastic ones and re-use them.


Tractor supply company has got quality giant ones for like a dollar. We use them and it’s so much easier than single use bags, because everything goes in one trip.


We have been operating without bags for months now. You can buy them otherwise you bring your own. Cats?? I’m totally down with that!!!


I have reusable bags I keep in my car.

They still use so much plastic though.
Bananas wrapped in plastic :open_mouth:but they were so cheap I bought them anyway.

Otherwise I try to be more of a environmentally friendly consumer.
I hope to improve myself though.

I want to buy reusable fruit and vegetable bags too.
Take with me when I do the grocery shopping.

That was a good gift you got.
And with :cat: on.


Those sound nice. Post a picture?

Mt tablet doesnt take good pics. Hard to use.

Yeah they are trying to do that here as well. I need to get some reusable bags myself. When I was in Maryland last year they charged 5 cents per plastic bag. I’m sure as a way to try to stop people from using them.

Where I live plastic bags ate illegal except for exemptions I don’t know why.

Paper bags went from 5 cents to 25.


The city where I love had banned single use plastic bags. I love my reusable bags. I pack them to the brim and can usually get a whole weeks worth of groceries in just 2-3 bags.

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We’ve had single use plastic bags banned for a while now. After a while it becomes second nature to bring your own reusable bags. You can fit a lot more stuff in the reusable bags and they’re stronger than plastic or paper bags.


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