Brain power/energy wise

Brain power/energy wise, we’re on par with all the great genius’s throughout history

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But were not… sure the foundations are there but the connections are diff… everyones brain is wired differently. Example… there is a 14 year old autistic child who’s iq is through the roof… he has a photographic memory and the will to harness his big ole smartness… i would struggle and quit on things he just breezes through…

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Except with a monkey wrench thrown in -

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the energy used in a psychotic episode in the brain, is the same energy used in the brain of a genius coming up with unique world changers…!

But there is a distinctive difference… you can connect anything to anything find all the similarities you want but they are still separate things with very different outcomes… i wouldnt win the Nobel peace prize for ripping out my eyeball and telling people about shadow demons from the 6th dimension…

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IMO There is similarity’s in both ‘‘psychosis and genius’’ in way’s yet proven but I believe it’s true IMO

Most geniuses seem to have bipolar or Aspergers, not schizophrenia.

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schizophrenia is more spiritual in the sense of undiscovered truths which is more advanced than a genius

my aim is to impower myself and others with sz/sza


John nash formulated game theory… which is one of the most extensible and powerful tools regarding system dynamics and their relevance in almost any particular system.

Are we talk Dali style or Physicist style genius?

I’d be inclined to say that genius artists are a lot more likely to be the “Mad Genius”… they have to try to live down the clear efficacy and place of the technologists and medical professionals in their heads… Spitting up nothing but gross day dreams to show off all under the guise of inspiration.

We eat better than kings and we have no limit on what we can learn… the erosive force entitlement versus… .the erosive force of entitlement in that classic scenario of class warfare.

William Blake was basically schizophrenic

Or just the monkey

Like energy in like motivation or like food intake?

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