Brain Implants Tested to Prevent Brain Disorders


I understand this is one of those things that could be very beneficial… but military brain implants…

to tinker with peoples head… I don’t want to be paranoid… but somethings are just wreak of good intentions being abused.

Where do I sign up?
20, 20, 20, 20 characters or more, oh dear…

wait… I thought that was a symptom of psychosis, believing your brain had devices implanted… is the author taking their meds? - lol


And everyone thought The Onion News video was a joke!!

" In 2013, the agency announced it would play a big role in President Obama’s initiative to explore the human brain."

Dr. Frankobama? j/k…

'The new program will fund development of high-tech implanted devices able to both monitor and electrically stimulate specific brain circuits."

There it is…monitor…as in tracking…not just monitor brain functions…first thing I thought of before I read it… and I just posted a topic about paranoia, LOL

"DARPA is known for taking on big technological challenges, from missile defense to creating a business plan for interstellar travel. ’

"do do do do - do do do do’ - twilight zone music…

Oh, wait…my wife had been part of that and worked with a few groups such as this one

And, I should have never discussed this stuff with a scientist in 2002…I seriously feel guilty for contributing to their ideas…

“December 5, 2002
I think biotechnology and neurotechnology are a potential key to the mysteries you investigate. I know you use technology to determine various aspects of neurobiology, but I think the two must become one in order to fully explore the possibilities: The interface of microprocessor technology in combination with living cells having a neuro-network.
We must move beyond simple mechanical and electronic devices, to the combining of living tissues with the technology, delicate enough to interact together just as the biological chemicals of the brain interact to produce thought and action within the body. Something that can “read” the thought, like the Firefox interface, but the equipment itself being alive as an extension of the person.
A computerized system, while not exactly an interface, does use the motions of a human pilot to relay electronic guidance messages to an external independent component. It is an initial step in the direction we’re going, even if I would rather see it used in peaceful research rather than weapons.
I think the understanding of consciousness will be revealed once such a “living super-computer” having both attributes of human mind and computer volume and speed, can then evaluate and process the subconscious mysteries of the mind. It could map the consciousness itself and grant us insight into its mysteries. It could read dreams, and perhaps even portray them on a visual screen.”

Great idea. That way you can send the soldiers into even more horrific war conditions and then fix them up electronically later on. Or you could implant the device before war hand. Heck you could make these Robo soldiers do just about anything and get away with it.

Now that sounds American indeed.

Soon it will become street wise. Yes sir…ROBOCOP here we come.

Thank goodness I’m a Canadian instead.

You too will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. All will become one with the Borg…


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Im really excited about this, it could be a fix to mental illness within the next 10 or so years.

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Welp, maybe the schizophrenics aren’t so darn crazy after all!

Seriously? What is this? It sounds like a nice little cover for mind control… Well actually, that’s exactly what it is! Advertising it for mental disorders is supposed to make it okay? What if it interferes with normal emotion or situations that you would need to experience intense chemical activity to survive?

Banned. This should be banned. Down with the Frankenbrain.


You will become one with the Borg. You all will become one with the Borg.

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IF they kept at on that level only, but they aren’t…I mean, DARPA is involved in it so you already know it’s going to have military applications.
The sell line is going to be it’s treating a disease, it’s medical, it helps people…
But humans have historically used technological advancements for war and to oppress others.
All the scifi becomes real, whether Robocop or the Borg…supersoldiers, and AI’s going out of control.



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I have a better idea, just stop fighting wars, the actual cure for ptsd that is.