Brain implants

Saw this on Facebook.


Scary 155555444444
But maybe it could be useful for dementia patients.


Johnny mnemonic is what I was thinking of.

Ive heard enough voices in my head already , now Google’s gonna be another one? At least it’s a smart voice lol

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So far, I haven’t seen how this would be better than just having a cell phone. Yeah, you don’t have to type into it, read it, or talk to it, but I put all the stuff I have to remember on my phone.

Learning isn’t just remembering stuff, although that helps. I can calculate math problems on my calculator, but that doesn’t mean I know math.

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Imagine getting an implant as soon you get born.

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Why not, they already vaccinate the $hit out of kids.
One day it could be required.
Welcome to the nwo.

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Its like getting baptized. Poor kids.
Vaccination implant baptized

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