The original paper

If you know more about then me, put me right.Im on meds and in therapy. Seems useless though with refutable evidence of potential mind control. Its naive to believe this hasn’t been
Perfected behind the public purview

I also had the thought that this stuff dosent actually exist and these articles are fake. So please anybody in the know, do discuss

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I think you are jumping to conclusions.

First off, according the article, it hasn’t even been tested in animals yet, let alone humans.

Second. Where exactly does it say anything about mind control? It’s basically about having a sensor that can help you to like compose an email remotely or communicate with artificial limbs and stuff. I’ll grant you that it’s fascinating, but hardly something that is going to be able to control your mind.


But dont you think aome private company or said goverment or already (have already) tested it on humans? I mean it be pretty naive not to think that.

Or do you believe said governments or private companys are investigated thouroughly? I hope they are but so much can be covered up

I have no idea about the nanosensor being developed by others. I suppose it’s possible. I doubt it though myself.

It doesn’t really matter though…what they are talking about is a long way off from a device being able to control and overpower your own brain functions.

Some day what you are talking about may be possible but I don’t think mind control devices will be developed in our lifetimes.

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Imagine the poor schizophrenics that live in that era, when that tech actually does exist. :scream:


Look where we are already. Ad companies know what you want before you do. Facial recognition AIs on smart glasses, portable surveillance devices that we are all compulsed to use for engaging in moderb society. Its already a nightmare for me and I used to be into IT. They won’t need a chip to read thoughts if we unknowingly express them with each tap on the phone screen. My point is that every generation of people like us in human history have had to contend with socially contradictory beliefs centered around culturally relevant fears.


Are you talking about targeted ads which read your thoughts?

The website history in web browsers reveal all the information that ad companies need to know whether those web browsers are from our computers/laptops or smartphones/tablets.

They’ll have delusions about NOT being tracked.

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Iit goes deeper than that. They know your location and people you have known without any input from you. They use this profile on you everywhere you go even if you never made an account.

I would say those Google servers that know your web browsing history and geographical location history could not know the people you gave interacted with. These profiles are made for every device whether it be an Android, Apple or Microsoft account because all devices nowadays require the user to register their info/credentials to use that device.

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