Brain games

hi, does anyone know of any games i might like? i havent played any games for a while and i think i need to find something but it is very had to find something i like,

i think it would be really cool if we could play some free games here and maybe have some sort of leader board type thing made to help the brain like brain training or something and fun,

What are your interest? Are you math oriented or language oriented? For games, I feel I lost so much language ability due to SZ. So I do crosswords and play scrabble and boggle with the kid sis in hopes of keeping my vocabulary.


idk what i like now, i like board games and things, questions and answers, i like drawing games like pictionary and word games sometimes, i love chess, and poker is good or card games, mahong is ok but my eyes get sore, and monopoly is ok, i’ve never played boggle so idk what that is, uno with friends is ok but i was too scared to invite friends to play these games with.

my biggest challenge is boredom, i get really bored sometimes even if it is a good game i can get bored very quickly so its hard, i need something that can keep me interested, keep my brain thinking, these are the best games and a really good distraction.

i thought if they had some of these games on here it could be fun, it doesnt even need a leader bored and there could be a chat feature on it if you wanted to say something, i know this is a sz forum but sometimes we need something to take our mind off of things,

I see what your saying. Something quick like flash trivia or something that can be left and gotten back too.

Boggle is a bunch of dice with letters instead of numbers, you throw them out and try to make as many words as you can with the letters that show.


One of my favorites is an app and website called Brain Trainer. By a company called Lumosity.

There are all kinds of puzzles, memory challenges, mathematical games. It’s super fun!

And the program is actually used by Veterans Admin hospitals to help wounded soldiers recover from brain injuries. There’s a lot of research behind the games.

And it scores you based on your performance in the games. In several areas, like memory, speed, accuracy, spatial, cognition.

It helped me improve my brain functioning by 400% in the year I used it. I was noticeably sharper and more alert.

You should try it out!




I am more word game orientated than maths/strategy/visual spatial orientated. My executive functioning/organising and planning leaves a lot to be desired.

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We are constantly being told to ‘use it or lose it’ and brain training programs are flooding the market. Our brain’s capacity peaks at around the age of 30. Can we really slow or even reverse the subsequent decline through dedicated brain work out, or will a change in our approach to life make a significant improvement? On this week’s All in the Mind, the research, the hype and the hope around boosting our brain.

Lumosity idea from radmedtech is pretty cool. I haven’t been on it in awhile but you can pick what type of functioning you want to improve. I realized I need to relearn my times tables :wink: Crossword books are a good idea by SurprisedJ. I do the easy ones. There is a lot of repetition in the puzzles so could help with memory as well. There is also search a word puzzles. You can get puzzle books that have different types of puzzles in them so that you don’t get bored doing the same thing over and over. If you google online games then you can find a lot of free online ones to play. Microsoft or MSN has a lot.