Do mind games help?

I guess some do some dont. What do you think? Can they help with focus?

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They do… stuff like sudoku, chess, scrabble help with focus and mind development

Nah, i was talking about games you play in your head, like sticking with certain thoughts all day.

Can you explain this?

Idk maybe im just going crazy, maybe somebody else knows what im talking about. But, ive been doing it alot. For example once all i did was divide everything into what mattered or didnt all day.

When the voices get loud , I say positive things in my head… the good things I have going on, things I want to accomplish, prayers, affirmations etc to drown out the voices. Not sure if that’s what you mean… but that helps me a little

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Yeah, thats an example. Sometimes i divide things into, what was it, like i pick a couple concepts and think thats the nature of reality. Maybe im just crazy though when thats happening.

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You’re not crazy… it’s just a way for you to cope


i take a conservative view on life, like I try to stay away from thinking about magical ideas or supernatural ideas.
That helps keep me grounded.

Cognitive training games helps. Most useful one is dual n back game.

Several forms of dual n back games there some are easy some are tough etc but all helps to improve working memory, reduces impulsive behaviour etc thus useful for mental issues too.

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Right now I find it helps to consider my activities. Is it good for me or is it useless/hurting me? It helps me to stop doing things that are pointless or bad for me.

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Yes its useful but play dual n back game only other mind games not useful. At first it will be extremly difficult but play consistently everyday you can notice changes.

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