I'm bored. I thought I would post

I am stuck here at home. I injured my back last week and haven’t been to work for more than a week.
One of my few luxuries is eating well. I can follow recipes pretty well and I have made some great dishes.
But I am on a diet, so I watch what I eat most of the time. I always do my grocery shopping online and I have my groceries delivered. Well, I went overboard three months ago and bought $400.00 worth of food at once. I found some GREAT sales and now I have 10 boxes of microwave popcorn, 20 boxes of pudding, 15 boxes of brownie mixes, 10 boxes of cereal, 19 boxes of various types crackers. And more. Ten cans of beans, 7 bottles of ice cream topping. All of those were on sale. I mean good sales.The brownie mixes were originally $7.00, I got them for $2.50 each. The rest of the stuff was either “2 for one”, or half price. It will last me months but I gave some away to family. I will never spend like that again, but looking at all this food on my shelf makes me feel rich. Lol.


Are you sure you’re on a diet, Nick? That doesn’t sound like a list of health foods !
I’m not particularly bored now. What gets to me is once I can grab control of my mind I start thinking “What a lot of work life is.” which means that for a lot of the time it is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.
So, how long will it take for you to heal up your back so you can get back to the perspiration. lol


Lol. Yeah, they are definitely not health foods. But they are allowed on my diet in moderation. I don’t eat those things everyday. My boss expects me back Monday. My job is incredibly easy, I do not sweat. I can’t wait to get back, I have too much time on my hands. I did manage to mop two floors last night in my house.

An easy job ! What luck. Perfect for sz recovery.

Mmmmmmmm… (after reading this post, i got hungry)

If you’re ever in California, stop by and I’ll give you a free box of microwave popcorn.

If I take those words out of context and make that a sentence, it makes me smile.

Even if you diet,… you should diet in moderation. :smile:

So enjoy the pudding. You’re doing fine.

Sometimes when I’m off work too long, I’ll do some yard work at my apartment building. I do get a bit knocked off the rent for doing it. My sis will ask, “Why are you weeding the yard on your day off”

I tell her… “I’m keeping in practice.” :wink:

I heard microwave popcorn has fire retardant in it. You know I read something once that stores have sales about once a month or so (check it out, I don’t remember the timing) and some people save a lot of money by going to those sales, stocking up for the month, and just living off all the stuff they have stocked up. You can have a LOT of food AND save! :smiley:

This thread has convinced me. I’ll have the ice cream instead of the yogurt (or both).

Yeah, that’s what I do already. I usually do that with dry food. I buy in bulk or buy canned goods, pasta, etc. when they’re on sale. I just buy a couple weeks worth of dairy, fruit,and vegetables.
But I downloaded some articles about freezing vegetables and fruit. So my plan is to shop sales on those as well and stock them in my freezer.