Bossy mother

I’m so tired of my mom personality. I cry almost every day because of her. So tired of this…i have to deal with this all my life. She have a son and daughter that don’t talk to her at all. I wish…

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I’m sorry. :frowning:

My face is always swollen :pensive:

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There are some things that we cannot control. Accept it.

I always forgive my family even when they insult my mental illness, I die in the streets or from suicide without them.


I gave up on my parents at 18, left for good

My mum was the same i talked to her about how I felt and shes seemed to back off … but my grandmother can be quite bossy I need to move out

You simply cannot do that in some cultures…

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Yeah me too…i know that there are good days. But it’s a circle of goods and bads.

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You will feel better when you move out. (hugs)

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