The last few days at work

My boss seemed like he was testing me. But I passed every test. Maybe he thought it was fishy with the disabled hintings. So he seems to be challenging me/testing me. Forcing me to be humble. But I am always humble to him and he seemed very pleased with me at the end of the shift. He was being particularly demanding to me but I put my tail between my legs and did what he said and was respectful in the process. He wants you to understand and respect work environments which I finally understand more. He knows I’m smart so he wants to make sure I’m not just wasting my life away and I’m doing my best too. At least that’s how I perceive it.


Glad it went good do you enjoy your job.

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Gratitude… is that you Big Jon?
Sorry I’ve been mostly away for the past 18 months, my memory could be playing tricks on me.

Anyhow, well done sticking to a job! What does it consist of actually?

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