Boredom after psychosis

After a psychotic episode life seems boring. I believe this is happening because while psychotic my mind is so busy. Does anyone one else relate to this? The psychotic episodes are more exciting than real life and the last episode lasted a bit before going back on meds. Now I feel a bit bored


I 100% relate to this. I went from being the star of a supernatural spy thriller to just some guy. The feeling lasted like 5 or 6 months for me. Eventually, I started to appreciate all the awesome things reality has to offer.

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Oh and welcome.

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Are you on meds now?

Sometimes they can make you a little flat and bored.

You have to kind of push yourself to enjoy things and get out there,

But it’s not impossible.

Good luck,

I hope you feel better soon.

Heya nice to meet ya!

Could be the negatives, and those meds can calm you down a bit…

But I’m in the same boat🙂

I guess I just dont have or feel like I have enough things to do all day since it sorta of feels like I should be busier or more occupied. But compared to during a psychotic episode I am doing more now yet feel bored. I truly believe its because my mind was always occupied non stop during a episode and my mind isnt as occupied now just with ordinary daily life

I walk, bike and cook daily plus other household chores and tackle reorganization of areas in the house but run out of things to do. I watch some tv and browse the web listen to podcasts. What does everyone else do all day for some ideas? Just reorganized all Christmas decor into plastic tubs everything was on shelves.


I am glad others can relate to this

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welcome to the forum @whymegez

i can relate to what you say… life does seem boring after a psychotic episode. But it does get better after a while… you’ll feel better again later i think.


The truth is you need to be brave to face reality.

Just consider so many people doing recreational drugs or abuse alcohol because reality is too hard for them. I used to abuse alcohol too, but luckily I now have a healthy relationship with it.

For people with sz it’s kind of the same thing, except in our case we need to take drugs to be in touch with reality.

I want off meds not because I miss psychosis, but because the drugs are giving me a hard time. But I can’t, at least not anytime soon.

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