Sometimes after a psychotic episode life seems boring

Sometimes after a psychotic episode life seems boring. I know its because the episode might be more intense than real life and also seem very real for a long period of time. I dont work so but try to keep busy. I walk and ride my bike daily, cook daily and do all the inside house chores. I read watch tv and utilize the internet in between. I still feel let downish and my therapist said its normal. What do people do all day when retired? I feel like life isnt as busy as when I have a episode yet its just my mind busy during a episode. The delusions keep me busy and now the delusions are gone and life seems a tad boring


Its more like sz negative symptoms and not bcz psychosis was intense.

I know what you mean


I feel you. I get bored when I’m well. I would rather be well, I just get bored. I’ve been stable so long I’m going to attempt to go back to work. That’s how bored I am.

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I’m told I’m psychotic now, but I exercise, cook, and clean. That’s all I can handle. I can’t even imagine life without being followed and recorded. The only thing I can suggest is adding different types of exercise to your life that you find enjoyable. Also, you can volunteer or work.

I was really let down when I found out I wasn’t rich and well known like I believed when I was ill…just a mentally ill house designer…be careful…that kind of thinking can lead to the downward spiral…if you need help come here…


You need hobbies. Try storm chasing or extreme weather photography. You’ll stop complaining after getting blown to the side of the road by a storm or nearly freezing off extremities chasing a good blizzard shot. Getting chased across a pasture by an angry bull is also very exciting.

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