Intense feelings of psychosis to boredom

In a psychotic episode i don’t feel bored or depressed at all. Its very intense, but after the episode is over, life seems to become boring. Nothing excites me anymore. What you think ?


While my positives are active - not focused on negatives.

My negatives don’t make me feel bored or depressed but blank - almost nothing.

Its worse than boredom or depression to me.


I haven’t studied this, but in psychosis the brain is flooded with dopamine and dopamine boosts mood.

That’s what My first thoughts are.

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Yeah I mean maybe that’s why I get delusional. It keeps life interesante


I can relate to this a lot. Without that dopamine boost, it can get boring

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Yeah, I told my pdoc this week that I “miss” the good parts of psychosis…everything was brighter, sharper, constant adrenaline rushes. I told him that my life felt mundane and boring on the clozapine. Admittedly, I also miss having the Dalai Lama talking to me (one of my voices that’s gone away).