Life is boring

My friends dont want to talk with me, I did all my homework, I dont know where to go…Someone has something to say? Im so alone…


Great job on the homework. Do something fun. Learn a valuable skill.


What are your hobbies?

Draw and run…

Do you have any running groups near by… We have something called park run and they have events across the UK including my local park.

Yes I have something like that

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Do you like listening to music, or do you find it triggering?

Yeah I like to listen music, Im doing that right now

Well done on your homework!

What are you studying?

Life is so exciting try to be self sufficient
You can also go for running , do some lifting , release endorphin inside your body be happy
Be happy now dont wait for something outside of your body to make you happy!

Hobbies are awesome. Congrats and hugson big accomplishment! That takes strength.

Im studying philosophy

You call yourself a philosopher yet you don’t know where delusions come from!!! You sound like Stephen Hawking! Just kidding. Lol. :joy::hugs:

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Nice! That sounds fun.

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I recommend studying logic obviously. Heck, just go for a math or physics degree.

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hang in there bro, try and talk to them :slight_smile:

philosophy is cool :sunglasses: :ok_hand:

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Study simulation theory/ information theory/ quantum computing. What areas of philosophy you Like?

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Well Im studying philosophy since two months, Im on ethics

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Cool. I like metaphysics. I tried reading Aristotle but my mom threw the book in the trash…