Borderline Personality Disorder - anyone have it?

Anyone been diagnosed with this?

I do have a strange relationship with my Mum in that she helps me with everything…

I try to focus on positive things like to counter Extreme destructive food behaviours - shopping uncontrollably / driving recklessly

I feel like every day I have to do something destructive
I have been working hard on figuring out how to stay positive in everything
Actively Not harming but it’s tough and in fact doesn’t work even for a few days


I think that title has been questioned on my record, but truth found out in time that I wasn’t acting out to something no one could see, I was actually reacting to things others were doing to me that no one could, nor would try to see.
My behavior was more than justified.

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I’m sorry you found yourself in this situation

Yeah - it feels like acting out sometimes- but something feels completely innate about it - more than just compulsive

I never had a problem with who or what I hurt, because it was only ever me, and the things I owned outright.
I never want to, nor try to be a pain in anyones ass, because that’s just not what I want to do, no matter what.

so self destructive behaviour makes you a pain in the arse?
I’m sure it does

hi - bump - really? I thought this would be common

My ex wife suffered from Borderline.

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did she self injure?

In her past yes.
When I was married to her, a couple of times that I knew of.

what is it like to live with? bpd

She was extremely difficult to live with.
I am glad that we divorced.
Everyday was filled with Drama that she created.


wow - I hope I’m not that bad xx

Everyone is different :slight_smile:

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I have a long history with girls diagnosed with BPD tend to be really close with them for some reason. Probably Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a good place to start and is one of the mindful approaches so not as invasive as other therapies.

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yeah i’ve heard of that - do you know what it involves? I’m not in a position financially at the minute to have therapy

Looking into if I need the therapy myself so really know little then what’s on Wikipedia.

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My sister is undiagnosed but all my siblings and I believe she most likely has BPD. I’m 50 years old, she’s older, and I finally made the decision last year to not have any relationship with her.
She’s incredibly destructive and manipulative. She’s hurt herself by being a drug addict/alcoholic, and she’s hurt everyone around her, especially her family. She even faked/lied about having terminal brain cancer so that my parents would pay all her bills, etc. I think about her and feel some compassion but can’t allow her to bring chaos into my life anymore.
If she had “faced her demons” and worked through her pain years ago, I believe she would be doing better now. I still hope and pray for healing for her, but because she’s so destructive I had to let her go.