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I could not sleep and so I made some coffee. I am drinking it now. Thoughts came to my mind. When I was in America I enjoyed going to bookstores and libraries to see and read any new or otherwise interesting books. I was an independent researcher in the library of Emory University in Atlanta for 10 years in the 1990s. It cost just 100 euros a year and I was able to borrow any books I wanted. They had also the shelves for new releases. I also enjoyed reviewing books at many bookstores. We have in our little town one bookstore, we used to have also a store that traded and sold old books, but it closed because there was not enough business.

What do you think about paper books in this digital publications era?


There was a pharmacy with books close by but they since moved. I miss that.

I often buy digital books when doing so is cheaper, but there is nothing so satisfying as turning the pages of a new (or old) book and dog-earing a page when it is time for bed. Unfortunately, as I age, my eyesight is getting poorer and I like the ability to change font size with my digital reader. The only books that I purchased when they first come out are Stephen King novels, I absolutely love his writing!

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To me nothing compares to an actual physical book. Just the tactile sensations of holding a book, the smell, the weight, the appearance… I love the fact that when you wish you can hold your place with a book mark, you can lay it down and take it up again at your leisure. It is self-contained, it requires no power. For me, nothing will ever take the place of written words on paper.

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Sounds like you really love reading. I read for a few years and had trouble finding things I enjoyed reading. I had one main author I liked for years and I eventually lost the ability to enjoy him. That was Robert Silverberg. I haven’t been reading much lately. I find it is a labor and I’m putting my energy into 50 minutes of playing guitar and mandolin each day and then watching videos on YouTube of people playing.

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