Book to read

Which book should I buy and read in the plane? :airplane: My flight is 11:30 hours direct and then 2 hours.
I’m gonna go and buy the book now. I need something intriguing. I lose interest quickly. I looked for a book that @Minnii suggested but nobody has it over here. :closed_book: :ledger: :blue_book:

I recommend anything by John Grisham for an engrossing, enjoyable read. If you’re more ambitious, you might try “All the King’s Men” by Robert Penn Warren. I don’t know if you would relate to its setting in the South, though.

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What sort of books do you like to read?

I’m not sure. I’ve been reading a lot of design books lately but I don’t know what I should read. I was looking for some feminism books but they’re in french. I’m still searching for an english library in my area. The books I have bought are all philosophy and spirituality, I don’t mind reading an intriguing novel. Something to drown in during the flight. do you have a recommendation?>

What about Catcher in the Rye? I read that on a plane once. It was a good book.


Or the Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac

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I’ve been reading a lot of science fiction recently. The Martian is absorbing. Old Man’s War has a very interesting premise and is a good read. The Divergent series was pretty good.

The Fixer is the first in a thriller series.

Janet Evanovich’s series, starting with One For the Money is fun, light reading.

Sometimes asking the bookseller for recommendations can lead to a great new find.

If you’ve ever used amazon to buy a book, go back there, and they’ll provide personalised recommendations. You might be able to buy one of those books locally.

What I bought


Life of Pi has a great movie.

I read Great Gatsby in school. I think they have a movie for that too.

yeah both have movies and I would like to read first. I’ve seen quotes from the great gatsby and loved them, thought the book would be nice :o)

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I love the Life of Pi. It’s one of my favorites.

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Great Gatsbys the type of book you remember lots of vivid scenes from. I can still visualize some of them.

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actually I bought the book Life of Pi about 5 years ago but never read it then donated it. Now it’s a good time to read.

yeah I hope I can drown in it. Have you read fifty shades of grey? I was talking to my friend she said it was amazing, she said she also saw the movie and loved it, then she told me the storyline and I got uncomfortable. Beating a girl just isn’t a turn on. :unamused: but she was really into it

I’ve never heard someone say anything positive about that movie/book. I haven’t read it but based on what my friends used to say about it, and the trailer, it looks a little over romanticized. which could be your thing idk. some people like that. i know all my Mom’s friends went to see it.

nah I think I’m better off. :cocktail:

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I read them all and it’s glorified abuse. The author is a good technician so she makes it sound like fun but I actually looked several articles by people who are actually into BDSM and they all said that’s not what BDSM, he was abusing her. That really opened my eyes and I can’t reread those books anymore.

That book is like sausage. It looks good but if you know anything about what’s in it you won’t want anything to do with it. (This is based off someone else’s quote.)

yeah but my friend was like ‘wow you should really buy these books, trilogy’ it’s amazing and you’re gonna love it. and I asked I’ve heard about it but what is it about? then she told me the summary :unamused:

Brace yourself for a highly original plot.

A college girl goes and interviews a super star corporate CEO who happens to be only 25 or something. He low key stalks her (as in gathers all her pertinent information like social security, drivers license, ect. I say low key because he doesn’t use a lot of it) and shows up where she works to buy some rope so that he can flirt with her and have stuff to tie her up with later. He gives her his number so that she can get some photos of him for the school newspaper. She gets the photos and they go to coffee. Then she calls him drunk later and he gets worried so he tracks her phone and shows up at the bar she is celebrating her graduation at.

Oh, and he’s VERY rich and VERY well endowed. (Surprise!)

They have a lot of sex which is graphically rendered.

They have more sex.

She gets a job at a publishing house as an editors assistant or something so he buys the company.

More sex

Yet more sex

Turns out he was abused which is why he likes doing this stuff and he was further abused by an older woman when he was in his teens.

More sex

She gets pregnant and he gets mad at her. Now he is getting stalked (and his helicopter was sabotaged and he nearly died) by some dude who was mad at him because he fired him for trying to rape his girlfriend. Cat and mouse, blah blah blah. She brings ransom money to the dude who got fired herself so that he will let go of her guy’s sister, she shoots the dude who got fired. Now the rich dude says he finally truly trusts and loves her and has finally managed to overcome the years of abuse and feel real confidence in another human being. He proposed to her before this happened though so I don’t know what that was about.

More sex

Everyone lives happily ever after.

Apparently if you cut out all the fighting in Dragonball Z the ten season show comes down to maybe three hours. The same principle applies here. I would say you would have a very small book or healthy sized novelette if you cut out all the graphic sex scenes.

The reason I can’t read it any more is I actually had a friend get into trouble that way. The guy said he was into BDSM but it turned out he was just an abusive ■■■■■■■. This lady does a really good job of romanticizing it but once someone points out it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and talks like a duck you can’t pretend it’s a chicken any more.

Most of the abusive stuff happened before and/or after the sex scenes (except the predatory stalking, he seemed to want to know where she was, who she was with, and what she was doing at any given moment of the day). He didn’t want her to touch herself because he wanted to be the only one who gave her pleasure and he bought the seat next to her in first class just so no one could sit by her while she was flying back to see him.