Boiler on the blink - no hot water!

Yesterday my boiler was making some weird noises. I left a message with my landlord but got no reply.

Today there is no hot water. I left two messages with my landlord but again no reply.

My landlord is quite difficult to work with and he intimidates me. There are lots of problems with the flat he just won’t fix. My mum says she will speak to him for me. I don’t have the nerve for confrontations.

I hope it has been fixed by now.

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Oh man, that sucks! Hope your landlord fixes it soon.

I don t have eighter.i m not sure because of my medicine or from my illness but i can not join to discussions mind getting easy agitated from argument situations and getting primitive attack position.i can not carry on even simple argument.i used to easily survive from complex argument without angry at all before

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