Bob Larson - Exorcist

Need opinions on this ■■■■. Warning, may be triggering stuff, idk.

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I don’t consider it to be authentic. I don’t consider this protestant style "exorcism’ to be legitimate in the sense it looks like acting and roleplaying. Real exorcisms by the catholic church are not filmed, but can be audio recorded. For instance, there are audio recordings of Annelise Michell speaking in Chinese and Latin, languages of which she did not speak. Considering she died as consequence of being possessed, I don’t think she was acting.

Yeah, I’ve heard exorcism-audio… why won’t they film it, do you know?

The michel exorcism was also not authentic.

If such a thing exists and someone has authority then it will be as simple as telling them to leave and that would be it, they would just leave.

Those silly men stood around her as she whithered to sixty pounds doing stupid ■■■■, throwing around water and chanting for no reason.

If such a thing exists then it would be as simple as telling them to leave the person.

We’ve covered crap like this in the past:

A Romanian priest and four nuns were recently sentenced in the killing of a nun, Maricica Cornici, who had been treated for schizophrenia. When the ill nun relapsed and believed she heard the devil talking to her, the priest and attending nuns attempted to perform a brutal exorcism on her in an attempt to drive out the devil. This “exorcism” is what ultimately caused the nun’s death, it was determined.

The church officials criticized the priest’s methods, banned him from the priesthood, excommunicated the nuns, and promised reforms.

The Vatican issued new guidelines in 1999 urging priests to take modern psychiatry into account before deciding who should be exorcised. (of course, given that a typical priest’s understanding of modern psychiatry and neuroscience may be a bit lacking, we would hope that anyone who tells a priest that they hear “voices” (whether they hear “angels” or “demons”) would be immediately referred to a local psychologist or psychiatrist for a full evaluation).

Another related story:

This fraud, and does not even follow the guidelines set by Jesus. Jesus did not let the devils speak except one time and it was very briefly. He did not wield crosses and stab people with crosses, push them around, scream at them, or place Bibles on their head…we have a real ‘Bible thumper’ here who will actually thump you with a Bible! he may have watched The Exorcist a few too many times…

This pretty much says it here

I have never seen Bob Larson in person but went to a couple churches where they believed in him, spoke highly of him and practiced that sort of alleged exorcism. It was really bad, abusive, and controlling…basically the same sort of antics but a bit less extreme. One Christian brother wrote me a letter warning about these and said to avoid those like 'Loudmouth Bob Larson with the register handle poised for the cashing." that was in 1994 and I remember those words clearly.

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I called this guy for help & reached a vm about where I could send my donation. I left a message that I needed help. No one ever called me back.

The ppl who “cast demons out of me” had me renounce sins, renounce generational curses 7 times & pound on my back while speaking in tongues to help “dislodge the demons”. I don’t know about u but I don’t think Jesus did none of that. What’s sad is that they & I believed in it.