Have you ever attempted to get an exorcism?

And what was the result of your efforts?

All the time…unfortunately, I always end up calling the local pizza pusher instead…

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No, but I know of some people who experimented with “spirit release” treatments by a therapist. It seemed to do them some good, so I rate that a big higher and a bit cleaner than the superstition around an exorcism. I just don’t think that treating what you feel and experience as a ‘demon’ is very compassionate or conducive to good mental health, while treating it as a relatively innocent spirit who is being asked to leave seems more wholesome.

On the other hand, you could look into Tibetan psychiatric healers, they have or had a whole system based on demons and spirits representing different kinds of conditions, and methods for removing them including chanting and invocations of Buddhas and so on. It is detailed and almost scientific in nature.

I think it is a personal choice, if you want to seek healing of this kind. If your experiences lead you to believe that it is right for you, then maybe it’s a good idea to try it.

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Pix or didn’t happen :smiley:

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I never attempted it but I certainly thought of it in the past.

I was on the ward one time and a Muslim guy was there. He didn’t say much. Anyway one day a Muslim holy man came on the ward and started chanting and stuff at the patient. Kicked a right riot. Nurses and that came rushing in and escorted the holy man off the ward.

Suppose they didn’t believe in exorcisms

Yes, once. Apparently it offends the local RC priest when you ask if they sell gift certificates. That’s why I only X-mas shop online now.


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Started a thread on spirit release -

Im not getting annelised by those creeps.

And anyone with any supposed proper authority to do things like that would tell them to leave and they’d leave. The process would be incredibly simple and not drastic. It would be as simple as saying leave and they leave, thats what authority means, don’t know if anyone actually has that though.

You can go another route though if they can get at you. If you have no idea it’s all ■■■■■■■■ they can chant and throw water around, they leave you alone sure but you will join the cults and throw money and power at them. You’ll probably walk around the rest of your life telling people how great the cults are and how they helped you and have power and everyone not in the cults is going to eternal punishment.

No but my mother in law has suggested it in the past.

I had an exorcism because I thought I was possessed when I started hearing voices and having tactile hallucinations, when it didn’t work I went to the doctor.

Yeah, but the priest gave up on me after I spewed green pea soup in his face and my head did a 360.

The church has no power.

They are subject to the authority of the demons who own and rule their churches.

So if and when they do their thing it’s ultimately up to whoever is causing the problem if they wish to leave or not.