Bloody Hot Downunder!

So today it’s been a scorcher. Only live in a small house and we’ve had the air con on since 8am. It says it’s got to 38 and yesterday was hotter but today it’s just been brutal from the start. It wasn’t just an hour at the peak like yesterday it’s just been frigging hot and humid.

Went to the city yesterday to do all the mowing. Nothing to do today but sit around in the air and carry on. Late storms are coming but don’t look too bad! I’m up early tomorrow. Need to get some swimming trunks for my sisters xmas day. Hit the shops before all the punters come out. Crowds are crazy and everyone will be off work for the holidays from tomorrow!

So. Buy some swimmers. Buy some scratchies for the family and dad. Then the world is my oyster!

And hope it’s bloody cooler!


You up North @rogueone?

It’s raining and cold in VIC.
And monster hailstones I hear in Sydney!

Hope it cools down for you soon.


Hi @Pamito! 15151515

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Sounds like the opposite of the weather where I’m at @rogueone. Not that it gets super cold.
Hope you can get your shopping done before all hell breaks loose. Merry X-Mas!

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Yeah it’s Southern Qld. Big band of storms coming in. They usually miss me I’m up an hour from Brisbane!

Too bloody hot for no good!

Hi @eighteyedspy23! Wish we had winter in AU now lol.

QLD is so much warmer than VIC, hope it cools down for you. We get terrible heatwaves of like 42 for five days every summer here, it’s a matter of me gritting my teeth and not moving for a week.

From your emoji next to your username, I reckon you will at least be distracted by the Big Bash and Test Matches over the next little while :slight_smile:

I’m AFL mad, can’t get into cricket.


@Pamito Yeah I’m a cricket tragic. Still play at 48 years of age in the lower grades and have some fun!

Melbourne weather is notorious but the humidity up here drags you down. It’s just too sticky to move around!

Don’t do AFL. Never seen a live game though and they say it’s better. I’ve seen my nephew and niece play and it isn’t such a bad game! I have watched some junior sports in my travels!

Much peace to you out of season. Boxing day test is on my bucket list!

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I hear you.

I’m over in the NT and am praying for some rain to cool things down. Looking outside and there is some dark clouds and thunder so I might get lucky.

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The other day we had 40c in the shade.
I stayed in doors all day with the air conditioning.

Today has been a cooler lovely day.

I’m ozi too.:slightly_smiling_face:

I used to live in N.S.W and Queensland but moved interstate.

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Yeah @SacredNeigh7 it’s crazy today. Waiting for the storm front to come through and cool things down. Glad we have air con these days! Hope your in a cooler clime but Australia can be bad everywhere this time of year!

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global warming is heating everything up. It’s been in the low 30’s and it’s winter here in Thailand.

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We don’t get hot enough weather in the uk to have air con in the highet of summer in homes. We just sweat in the summer and then have heaters in the winter to sweat some more.

It’s pretty warn here for winter at the moment, it’s 12C and will be for the next few days.

I would like to go down under and visit, the cities look so nice.

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Yeah today was brutal. I’m an hour north of Brisbane, so share the humidity and heat. But i managed to stay indoors for most of the day. Didn’t know there was supposed to be storms coming. I’ll bet it misses Sunshine Coast. It ALWAYS misses us.

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