Black and white thinking

so all the people i have seen regarding my illness have all mentioned that i think very black and white. its a bad habit of mine, i analyze then over-analyze on stuff. i overthink then question myself, end up indecisive and getting it done last minute.
just like uni, i was very indecisive telling myself ill go, then i wont, until i applied last minute (which was good that i did).
i see things as success or failure, usually go into things thinking whats the worst that can happen instead of what good can out of it.
like i said it is a bad habit of mine and im working on it, think this is more depression related(?) just wondering is anyone else is like this and how you get out of the ‘loop’

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I think in black and white but not in a depressive way. I either do things or I don’t do them at all. All or nothing. Sit on the couch and do nothing productive or go do an insane workout or spend all of my time on my studies.

It’s super effective!

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i do the same, i do everything 100% or i dont do it at all

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It’s how I function. My grandfather always said “if you do what you are supposed to do when you are supposed to do it, everything will be fine.” He was a lieutenant in the army and a medical doctor, a surgeon. I’m named after him.

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I thought everything was black and white when I was well, now everything is shades of grey. I miss black and white.

I think gray is a period to be in when your indecisive, arent sure what to do...sooner or later it has to be black or white,but gray is a period to reflect. The problem comes when you stay there too long... Nothing wrong with saying " Whats the worst that can happen? " That usually kicks me into action. Finding what`s good will always happen afterward.

^ this format of writing has remnants of ‘abat’ in it lol or I’m just crazyy

There can be a problem in seeing too many shades of grey.