Bipolar with psychotic features

Hey dear people of this forum,

Just curious is bipolar with psychotic features an official diagnosis? From what I read the difference between it and sza is that in bipolar with ps fea you have the symptoms of mania and schizophrenia simultaneously, whereas in sza you have it appart.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

But is it official diagnosis that doctors give?

(I have been labeled paranoid schizophrenia by my last doctor, but this is not the case. She later agreed on sza when I confronted her.)

I honestly think it changes depending on where you live but I would say that the better prognosis is on the bipolar side. The sz aff side poorer prognosis.

So. it’s a really grey area and it’s very common for symptom sets and things to change and if your on the border between dxes it would depend on function. How you do with simple tasks and living etc. That is my take on it but I’m not an expert.

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Agree on that, bipolar is considered and feels the less severe dx, although mania can be scary too… I think I’m on the bipolar side, cus the sz symptoms aren’t as severe. I have some slight hallucinations and the f…ing delusions…

I know it can change and this is kinda scary too… oh well, can handle it… I try :slight_smile:

Anyways I was just curious what my exact diagnosis can be…

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I think it’s important to think it’s all on a spectrum. What it boils down too is treatment and whether you respond to the meds. It’s nothing good but better prognosis and standard of living is a big difference but we are talking about things that can change over time…Plenty of folks here who’ve had dx changes over time when you get on meds and into the system.

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True that but I am kinda annoyed by some doctors in my country who immediately label paranoid schizophrenia… There are so much diagnosis more precise on the spectrum… Paranoia is a natural symptom of sz, I get it, but it’s not the only one…

so I naturally try to diagnose myself which is not correct but… oh well… I do consult with pdocs

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That was my diagnosis for quite a while until it changed to schizoaffective, so basically psychosis with bipolar features now.

My last pdoc said the two were interchangeable. It depends what hospital I go to, and what pdoc I see what I’m labeled. My pdoc said the treatment is the same.

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I will tell you how I distinguish between schizoaffective and bipolar. If you are treated by mood stabilizers and/or one antipsychotic, you are most likely bipolar. However, if you need 2 or more antipsychotics, then you are definitely schizoaffective or the dreaded schizophrenia.

It is not so simple, but never heard of Bipolars taking more than one antipsychotic, while a lot of people with schizophrenia are on two or more antipsychotics.

I’m actually more concerned with other health conditions.

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I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizoaffective over the years.
It depends on the particular doctor.

SZA and bipolar disorder with psychotic features are very similar plus the treatments are the same.

My current diagnosis is bipolar disorder with psychotic features.

Yes, this is an actual diagnosis

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