Biological disease vs environment

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It’s an environmental trigger hitting a genetic component.

It’s not due to your upbringing or anything. It’s just pure dumb luck. Some of us are genetically prone to it and that sux for all concerned!


When the brain, as it develops goes through trauma, circuitways form differently and ‘wrongly’ to the untraumatisd brain. The neuroplaticity of the brain alters to cater fro such things as bullying, abuse, violence and those with these traumas are morle likely to develop a mental illness.

It is thought that that sz can be caused by environmental, genetic disposition and taking drugs. A mix of any of these things depends on the individual in the likelihood of getting sz.


I was born with it so I lean towards more of a genetic cause. But I know for a fact environment plays a huge part in triggering it. When I was in my abusive situation my sz was uncontrollable.

Schizophrenia is both a combination of environmental and genetic causes. An environmental triggered me to have psychosis but I also had a genetic component. My dad has the schizophrenic genetic marker but no environmental situation triggered him.

One widespread theory view schizophrenia as a disorder of brain development.

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so it has nothing to do with your environment or development growing up? i find this hard to believe. i think our parents play an integral part of how we develop as we grow especially when we are young, then also nursery and other environments, school, play time. it all helps to build those pathways in the brain as we develop growing up.

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Of course it does. the environment and the trauma affects your DNA. It is called epigenetics. Your environment and your life events have considerable effects on your central core, your DNA.

The szs who don’t believe it were not abused, or believe they weren’t and look to a simple genetic cause for the sz.


i can think of a few things that may have contributed to my sz but i wouldn’t call them trauma or abuse.

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the thing is, when I read an article about psychotherapy, the common trait for an abused person is to say is that others have it worse! But it is not about that, it is about how each individual copes with a bad event.

A short poem:

What is suffering to one,
may be a minor dismeanour to another,
but its effects are major
to the inflicted
No matter the social outcome.



I don’t even think it should have affected me so bad tbh, its weird, i think i had an existential crisis and i was conflicted as well.

When i look back I have found that what the subconcious mind will do to avoid the reality of life is stupendous.

I was a 14 year old subconciously avoiding the memory of a 7 year old, when unbeknowst to me I wouldn’t go to a place where my father had abused me while on a second trip to Florida. I didn’t know why i wouldn’t go there consciously and did my best to avoid it, but I wouldn’t go. My step father and mother asked me why, but i could’t explain or remember why. I just couldn’t go.

It was unexplainable, untl i remembered at the age of 30 plus. Now, i know, but then it was beyond me.

I believe I had a vulnerability from birth, I was born three months premature which research shows can make you vulnerable to mental illness. I believe the actual psychosis was triggered by multiple traumas over the period of a year and I just broke.

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I am unsure if sz is biological or influenced more by environment.

I can say for myself that it was probably both.

I was physically and mentally abused at a very young age. I also had an incident when I was really young that to this day causes me to question my sexuality.

All the aforementioned factors mixed with living in a dangerous city, doing copious amounts of drugs, and having the genes for sz, is ultimately what I think led to my psychosis.

Take care :v:

Yeah it’s an interesting question. I think environment pays a part in your life and it develops you as a person but I think it’s more a genetic concern for schizophrenia.

I think it can become a concern to blame this or that from your past especially if your sick and suffering symptoms. You can live a horrid life and be the best person ever or you can come from some fantastic backgrounds and be an absolutely horrible person. I think it’s easy to blame certain instances and my view is that it’s hard to gauge what is what when your symptomatic with a brain disorder that influences your experience if that makes sense!

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it makes sense, you are worried that people would attach blame to there family etc but tbh i dont think blame should be a factor, i think i know the reasons for how my sz developed but i would never put blame on my mum or anyone, i wouldn’t even blame the people that gave me pot as it was a choice that i made,

what i say is ‘C’est la vie’ you cant change it but you can make life better for yourself


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