Do you believe schizophrenics has more to do with genetics/infections/birth complications/etc… or do you believe schizophrenia is something that is developed after years of trauma and struggles in life?

I used to think schizophrenics were simply people who had extreme bad luck in life. And often, schizophrenics do have a history of trauma, abuse and social exclusion, etc. But then the question is, was it because they have the schizophrenia in them that they are more likely to experience trauma and social exclusion, or did the trauma, social exclusion and abuse cause something in them to snap that never heals?

What do you think?

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Its genetic.

I think maybe some people have psychosis then schizophrenia brought on by an event or trauma,

But I think they’re in the minority.

People just want a reason for the pain in their life and fact is,

We are just unlucky, like you said.

I think it’s genetic and then environmental factors can trigger the illness such as stress, smoking too much weed etc.

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I am sure its genetic, at least in my case.

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I would say it’s genetic plus the environment you were raised in

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In the first years of living with my disease I would try to think of all sorts of reasons why I became psychotic. I blamed having a single mom, unspoken family issues, being bullying for another disability I had, backstabbing and betrayal…

But now that I’m older I’m starting to accept that I just had really bad luck from the start.


In the past doctors used to blame the parents, but now this is considered outdated and not scientific.

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I believe there is a genetic predisposition to it. But I believe trauma and such can complicate/exacerbate the condition or activate it.

It is hard to determine, however, it could be suggested that, some people are more succeceptable than others and independent situations and circumstances trigger the symptoms.

Genetic susceptibility + environmental triggers


Faulty genes and stressful environment

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My last therapist kind of blamed my parents.
She was old school.

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It’s a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

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