Binaural beats

I have a theory about binaural beats and Sz. I have had my brain scanned twice, one year apart with a group of experienced meditators. All of the charts were similar, but mine was unusual int that I had a low amplitude of beta waves, which was considered a good thing for people who want to be enlightened. However, since I was the only one as far as I know, who was diagnosed with Sz, I was wondering if the reason I had audio hallucinations was that I had low Beta. I misplaced my chart but maybe I can get another copy. I was wondering if either using neurofeedback or binaural beats (beta range) for 1/2hr to an hr a day every day for 6 months would be beneficial. Is there anyone here capable and willing to design a study?


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I listen to binaural beats every day. I find the only thing it helps with is sleep and anxiety.

I personally never gained any benefits from the alpha/beta ones, but the delta/theta ones help me alot.

Hope this helps.

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