Biggest delusion you ever had

What’s the biggest delusion or longest delusion you ever had?

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I had 2.

  1. I thought was working for the illuminati and that I had a price on my head and someone wanted to kill me.

  2. I thought a girl was madly in love with me and followed me everywhere I went.

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Delusions of grandeur/messiah complex type things.


İ feel like i don t wanted at all places. İ m not sure if it s a delusion but i m considering as a delusion. Fingercrossed😀.

That I had died at some point and instead of noticing my death I branched off into a purgatory dimension where I’m the only real person and the people around me are piloted by angels who are testing me so that I can get into heaven. I thought I was going to die of a heart attack within a year or so in purgatory and then go on to the afterlife. So I did everything under the assumption that I’d be dead in a year, and I treated my family like they weren’t my family.

Very glad to have that stuff behind me.


I thought.

About 58 years.


I had something similar. Thought I was dead or dying eg in a coma but my consciousness was in some spiritual realm unsure if I was yet dead or dying or alive. Was WEIRD

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Did the voices test you

  1. I thought people were trying to get me to kill myself.
  2. I thought snipers were after me.
  3. I thought people hundreds of miles away could hear me talk.
  4. I thought people could see through the door to my room at school.
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Did you have voices

  1. That this whole life was a setup government simulation as a way to test me, and that they watched my every move through agents or cameras.

  2. That when I made eye contact with people they could hear my thoughts.

@Jesse25 I dont hear voices.

Thinking that someone was in love with me for many years. I still have this delusion.

I believed I was bad luck and caused natural disasters around the world.

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Religious, beliefs of being the chosen one, living under spirits that watch me at all times to judge me if I’m worthy of their powers.

Going on 22 years long

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That a very prominent vocal coach had his students sing famous songs in walgreens stores, just for me.

People following me, trying to prevent me from doing shopping, running everyday errands.
Everyone ie. 80% of Strangers know my story and are out to bully me, be hostile.

Thought I was dead / Derealization/depersonalization

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My thoughts mattered more than my deeds, or better yet my thoughts mattered at all.

Thought the world was gonna start ending soon and that anything i said or typed out would happen. I went mute for a month because i started noticing that what people said, were somehow linked to their sub conscious. Eventually it reached critical mass and i started going to places of worship telling the priests about the end of times. One of them threatened to call the cops on me because i was scaring the people praying lol. I thought animals were sending messages too.

Then i started taking meds and it all slowly vanished. No more thinking that pop stars were sending me secret messages, no more thinking people were talking about me. Everything went back to boring reality, but im kinda thankful it stopped. I was so pale and skinny, losing my hair and just not taking care of myself.