Best weight neutral antipsychotics

What are some. I am on zyprexa and risperdal and lithium all I do is gain weight I still have symptoms


Saphris is supposed to be okay, but it is expensive. If you have good insurance, it is worth a try.


I been on Geodon and I haven’t gained weight, from what I read it is weight neutral. I also take invega and have been losing weight, and a doctor told me it is weight neutral as well. Not taking into account what the side effects say online.



Awesome thank you guys.


Its weird man ive lost weight on Clozapine.

On Zyprexa I was a goddamn Hippo.

Prob the fattest on the forum !!


usually geodon and abilify tho neither treated my symptoms well and geodon was a mental nightmare for me, i havent gained any weight since switching from zyprexa to invega im actually losing weight but i keep track of my calories so i dont overeat


@austinsdad Latuda is a great med, literally no side effects and very small amount of weight gain.

@anon39015889 :joy: :joy: :joy:


i feel like i was the fattest on the forum when i was on zyprexa


Abilify made me gain weight. Latuda and Vraylar I don’t think made me gain weight at all. Right now, I’m on Invega and Lithium. I think it’s the Lithium that is making me gain weight this time, not the Invega. But IDK.

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I never gained weight on fluphenazine or Haldol. I gained the most on 234mg Invega compared to 40mg Zyprexa. My weight gain started on Zyprexa though.

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You can ask your pdoc about trying Abilify, Geodon, Saphris, Rexulti, Latuda or Vraylar.

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I’m on Abilify and haven’t noticed much weight gain.

You look skinny anyway.

I have been on Lithium since I was 17 or 18 years old, I am now 28.

I have been on Invega as well and it’s safe to say your weight gain is coming from Invega, not Lithium.
I believe Lithium is relatively weight neutral.

The only thing it really does for me is make me more thirsty and want to drink more water, which I do.

As far as mood stabilizers go, Lithium is the best out there, for its minimal side effect profile and also its ability to increase grey matter in the brain, reversing the damage episodes cause. Lithium is good for neural plasticity.

Lithium prevents both the highs and the lows.

If there is such thing as a “wonder drug”, then Lithium is it.

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I am on generic prolixin (fluphenazine) ten mg twice a day and am losing all my weight…

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you taught me the word hefalump lmaop

That’s good to know. I wasn’t sure which med was causing it, but Invega Sustenna is probably the one, like you said.

Invega was the worst medication I have ever been on.

My Prolactin raised to 82!

A healthy prolactin level should be between 2 and 18 for a male.

You can imagine what kinds of problems I was facing, along with the weight gain that invega was causing as well.

Invega and Vraylar have both raised my prolactin, as well. I’m female. Last time I was checked, it was 81, I think. I’m going to see my primary doctor tomorrow to maybe prescribe me a med to lower it.

I’m sorry you had a bad experience with Invega.

Invega has been a life saver for me, though. I’m stable and almost completely voice-free. I’m able to read books again and I can focus just enough to watch a TV episode or sometimes a whole movie. I really hope I can take Invega for the rest of my days and that it continues to keep me stable.

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