Best Traits đź‘Ť

What are the top five best traits in your opinion that you wish one should possess in life?

those in search of interesting experiences

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BONUS: has smoked copious amounts of marijuana in their life

But that’s just me…every1s different


I like self assured too

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yeah I don’t know if five enough

I need to work on self-control and enjoying the moment… at least my head-space is getting more enjoyable today.

so are my relations with the people who are close to me

I know how to enjoy… with simple pleasures…

I need to work on positivity a lot and self control is not bad. I just talk a lot sometimes.

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I have new fears within my character cropping me up…

Voices call me creepy, snooty,… among other things…

A good friend of mine told me that no one sees me a snooty… so that helped.

My mom assured me that no-one is offended by my intelligence… I too feel like I’m talking to much at times… most of the time though people are responding positively to what I say.

I’m sorry you hear those voices. I do not have voices in my head… I have other stuff.

I just like to talk a lot. some people get annoyed by that, I try to lessen it.

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thanks @sleepybug… they aren’t so bad… I’m a tricksy person I’ve got the sz outsmarted for now. I just embraced the internal telepathy and started trusting that people think positively of me and now all the evil voices are mostly replaced by smiling “faces”… which I know doesn’t make sense and sounds pretty crazy… it’s not always comfortable but it’s better than it was before. SZ has to hold some presence in the mind… might as well have a say in what that presence manifests as.

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what a great idea :o) whatever works for you! I have negative obsessive disorder, mainly past memories. I will start therapy soon. It’s like a voice in my head too. Just my thoughts.

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yeah voices are quite similar to thoughts only you don’t have much say… at this point I can’t even force myself to listen to them… though I do occasionally gleam a few words of what they are saying… same only BS…

yeah could be, sounds so similar to what I have. It’s just my voice and my thoughts though and past memories… it’s another form of voice because I have it constantly too. It got really worse last year now I have better days.


Compassion, humility, generosity, humor and the capacity to love.

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Pro snuggler
Likes nesquik cereal
Enjoys extended naps
Can eat a whole bag of perogies
A nice smile

Oh wait that’s me :smile:

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