Positive thread---List three things you admire about yourself?

List three things you admire about yourself?

1.Seriously,i think I am somewhat brave,i joined meetup and been meeting with people.Its a brave thing for me to do and it has benefited me in lots of way

2.I go to work everyday and did my work,although as compare to my colleague I am not as productive as them but I contribute too

3.i am soft spoken,i don’t shout and talk loudly…my voices seldom get so loud that it annoys other but I got to admit I had to speak more confidently and clearly though

List three things or more that you admire about yourself? : )


I cant choose 3 things, I like all of myself equally:)


This is a really hard one, but maybe the following -
I am good at writing,
I try to be honest, and
I am loving and affectionate.

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I can not answer, too difficult, but would be interesting to know why others admire about myself. I am still happy with myself.

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I can be kind

I am loyal

I am polite


I try to be kind

I like to help others

I’m usually in a positive mind set.


I don’t quit. I don’t quit. I don’t quit.

I’m probably going to wind up as a zombie because I’ll keel over dead at some point and refuse to give in to that particular condition, either. I’ll likely just keep gluing/taping back on the bits as they fall off and carry on to everyone’s general horror. I’m like that.



**i can list 3 things about my son:
**He is bright
He is tolerant of everyone
He takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

This is when he is stable :neutral_face:

  1. I don’t try to force people who aren’t interested to have relationships with me the way that LOSERS do.
  2. I don’t spy on people.
  3. I don’t stalk people.
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Im efficient.

Forward thinking.

And aware of my limitations.


In my case, I think that:
1- Tenacious
2- Loyal
3- Friendly


I admire certain things about you Gtx. I notice you do have a certain strength and you will come down hard on people at certain times. I don’t do that, I tend to back away. My sisters have warned me I have to toughen up. I have just gotten too complacent and let people walk all over me.
But three things I admire about myself;
I think I am fair
I think I am a good person which is new to me since I became an adult.
I have a good sense of humor.


I dont really have a good sense of humour,guess everyone has their own special personality and way of survive

Yeah, I have to look out for myself more. I have to stop letting the vampires suck my power away from me. There’s such a thing as being too nice. But I like being a good person first and foremost.