Best Relief for Auditory Hallucinations

I’m tired of being constantly annoyed, enraged, and talked down upon by voices of people that aren’t actually there. It’s not only irritating but frustrating as well. I cannot complete daily functions without AH disturbing me. What worked for you?

Meds are the only thing that work. Are you taking any meds?

Yes, but they never work for AH just mood.

Are you taking an antipsychotic ?

Yes, I’m on perphenazine.

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Headphones plugged into the PS4. But I bet it also works when you listen to music via headphones too.

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I think you need a different ap or an additional ap, let your pdoc know you still have voices and they’re bothering you

Meds help of course
Music also helps
And distracting myself like talking to my husband
In time the voices recede

I hope they do for you too!

If you live in a sunny state that’s too hot 8/12 months an electric fan would create white noise. Would that work? I only sometimes get voices when I’m almost asleep but the fan helps.

These voices are relentless… They’re in the air, the fan, any electrical appliance, running water, my head, they influence my dreams… nothing the doctor prescribes works for me.

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