Best pick line I heard recently

On a scale zero to America, how free are you tonite?

Care to share yours?

These never work. But did you ever read any of ‘The Game the secret society of pickup artists?’

Part of it helped me online fend off a guy who was casting barbs(they were akin to ‘negs’). It’s a manipulative way to get someone to try and get your approval.

It was very similar anyway as though he was taking standpoints super far away so I would get defensive. I swear it felt like online bullying!

Online bullying is real I now know and it’s almost more painful bc it happens in black and white.

Either way @Pillowbugg I expect more from you. I mean this is akin to ‘What’s the difference between an orange’

I just have a sense of humor…sometimes dark humor, but love to laugh and live life…

Pick up lines are funny, hilarious and the better it is, the more we laugh. Of course they rarely work, that’s why they are so funny. We need to relax. Smell the flowers. And laugh.

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Sorry if I triggered you. I’m not too restrained, I should work on that. I wish you the best. Cheer!

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Triggered? Need to relax? “I’m calmer than you are, dude.” ; )

One time (before being married) I went out with my sister. We met two guys. One claimed to be a dolphin trainer and the other a hot air balloon pilot. My sister, who is awesome, said “Oh! Like Barney on How I Met Your Mother.” It was fantastic.


Sadly I don’t quite get the reference although I’m a big NPH fan and actually was able to take in a lot of Colbie Smulders new show; glad she found a better vehicle to show more range.

People growing up said I resembled Doogie Howser. The remarks dried up though when he became much cooler!! Haha!

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Cool. I think you are into fine art? No?

If you are, I love picasso…I have a replica of starry night

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No I should not be painted with that brush whatsoever.

It’s references of Sz at play… I brought up Cameron from Ferris Bueller recently and then started second guessing and/or just thinking about that moment where he’s staring at the painting in the museum.


Omg, now the interdimensional beings showed up…they are slamming cupboards. I apologize for upsetting your zen. I shall battle again those we do not speak of. May you have peace and harmony.

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