Best overall diets. Keto ranked 38 (out of 41)

I’m not sure about the website. Hopefully it’s like a .gov I really can’t tell.

Keto was ranked least healthy out of all of the diets. Fat makes up a whopping 70 to 73 percent of the daily diet.

How much does Keto Diet cost?

Meat – like grass-fed selections – and fresh veggies are more expensive than most processed or fast foods. What you spend on Keto-friendly foods will vary with your choices of protein source and quality. You can select less-expensive, leaner cuts of meat and fatten them up with some oil. Buying less-exotic, in-season veggies will help keep you within budget.

Recent studies focusing on Keto diets suggest some advantages for short-term weight loss. It’s still too soon to tell whether people maintain long-term weight loss from ketogenic diets.

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Billy Connelly got it right, “eat less, move more and don’t eat anything that comes in a bucket”.


He sounds like a smart guy.

Yeah I agree.
Eat less, move more.

Diets and exercise are not for me.

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