Best console on earth

I think it’s SNES …


Sorry @ninjastar I will draw you falcon someday. When I have inspiration

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I want one of these martial arts computer games where i can airfight my oponents on the screen. I put like sensors on my feet arms corso and head. Is something like that on the market. I saw some pop up with a lightsaber.

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No rush, friend! I love your art, but don’t feel obligated to make things for me.

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These days its facerecognition. Maybe i get an electric zap when i get hit.

I have wonderful nostalgic memories of the Super Nintendo and the OG NES. They had an Atari at a daycare that I went to when I was very young. Those are the classics for sure.

A lot of consoles had way more potential than they would ever be given a chancw to live up to.

Gotta give it to the PS2.

Ithink the original Xbox has a lot of merit. As far as how much power it broought to the scene. It didn’t have as strong of developer support, but the way it’s architexture was structured, and microsofta commitment towards fostering a healthy enviroonment for development studios… is basically what brought gaming culture around to what itis today.

As well as xbox live’s infrastructure establishing a gold standard thatwouldforce Sony’s hand in creating a comparable platform… Which is another major facet of mosern gaming.

My pick is N64. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


I don’t know how to play this.

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I don’t have it :frowning:

Playstation, imo.

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I really liked the ps2. So many great games!


I loved almost every console I ever bought. But the PS2 is one of my favorites. I’m sorry to say but I hated the Wii. I see what they were trying to do but somehow they came up short.


I’m laughably biased towards handhelds so I’m going to go with 3DS. :innocent:


All of the different game boy advanced got used the most by me, but my favorite game system was probably n64. Xbox and Xbox 360 were fun, it’s just a shame that xbox one turned out to be trash due to lack of good exclusives.


The Wii was a very unfortunate misstep for Nintendo… Sort of.

They scaled back the motion control technology in the first iteration. it took some imagination and some cooperation with the console to make the games fun. You were supposed to stand in a batter stance and swing the Wii remote like a baseball bat, but you could just as easily swipe it a few inches in your wrist and be done with it.

I saw YouTube videos where people would hang the Wii remotes on ceiling fans so that they would spin around, and games would seem to play themselves from this random motion input. Games like Legend of Zelda felt like a chore from constantly waving the remote control around instead of just pressing a button.

However, they marketed the system very cleverly and sold a lot of them to casual players who just wanted to sit down with their friends and play Wii sports. Nintendo made a LOT of money this way, but the shelves were flooded with random shovelware and endless minigame collections.

Meanwhile, the core gamer crowd mostly abandoned the console.

This hurt them with the Wii U, which was a failure for Nintendo and force them to rethink everything for the Switch.

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i have Xbox Ones and a ps4. They’re both great. I like the graphics on the Ps4


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