Video Game Company Poll

Active Console Companies

  • Xbox/360/Xbone
  • PS1/2/3/4
  • Nintendo ES/SES/N64/GC/Wii/WiiU

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Who is your fav?

Gotta side with the xbox myself… microsoft is being cool as hell these days…

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mine favorite iz pc with high end graphic cards…

but i like x box ans ps…

u missed to mention ps4…

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hah lool good point… 1/2/3/3… kind of undermines the ps4 a bit(wasn’t intentional… will edit

ah I can’t it’s been an hour already

@MrSquirrel or @szadmin? mind helping to make things right here? I think its funny other wise… cause they didn’t innovate the ps4 user interface at all… but I do believe the ps4 is a legitimate step forward…

took me 2 years to decide which was better… the xbone wins

Pc is the best!!

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ahh ■■■■… I missed out on that too…

but the poll was more about the big three… of course computers are a better paltform… especially with that (xbox) controller support fully integrated

I voted for xbox. Playstation is good for fightong games. It has a better controller for fighting games. But everything else xbox wins.

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hmm you might be right about that… the d-pad does kind of suck on the 360 controller… they fixed it later on… but no wanting to go against the standard they made this weird special contoller type… you can rotate the whole thing and the backdrop rises up and it feels like thumbstick… rotate it back and the diagonals drop down and it’s a d’pad again… it’s not an axis thing though… the 360 d’pad is very much a 4 button (perhaps pressure sensitive) interface… but have the circle enclosure might even lead humans to be less “certain” in their directions… just by the “feel” of the “circle” which is more correlated with a joystiq…

totally agree with you though bruce… playstation has a clear d-pad… and it works as such

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The xbox 360 d pad was horrible! I wonder if somebody got fired for making that. Im talking about for fighting games. Fighting games require tight execution. Not gonna get that on a 360 d pad. Xbox one is a huge improvement though. I have issues with its position though. I have small hands so its a bit uncomfortable. Playstation is the perfect d pad. So precise. Which of the consoles do you have? I have ps4 and xbox one. I dont use them much though.

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ps4 controllers are hella small… your right mane makes a lot of sense… but mortal kombat is the only fighter I play that you really need the d-pad…

Soul calibur and Dead or alive are stick based fighters

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they fixed it earlier on… but of course they charge for it… I’ll settle…