Best anti-psychotic if you have diabetes?

I was wondering if I could get some input on the best most effective anti-psychotics that you’ve noticed. I know not all of you are trained or anything, just wanted general input so I can decide which one to bring up and research. Basically she’s worried the Haldol will stop working, and said she’s starting to get anxiety sometimes wants to feel less flat and worries about risks for tardive dyskonesia.

We are both sensitive to anti-depressants and I don’t know if that’s common with schizophrenia or schizoaffective. Like I can’t take SSRI’s because they elevate me way too much and then often worsen my depression by causing swings/or i don’t feel right on them. My mom’s having depression too and shes on haldol. I don’t know what would help her. She needs to bring up this more to her doc. but I want to help advocate. I also wonder if some of her medication complaints are moreso related to the illness.

So something alt. to haldol, that won’t stop working over time and helps depression and anxiety? Or maybe something added to haldol? I am just worried and I dont want to ignore my mom if something could help.

Is it possible to add anti-depressants or can some people just dont handle them…

also I am really confused by all the info. out there about schizophrenia. I still don’t get what causes it. it still does not make sense to me. Like my mom got it late in life. I had it early on…some people would say it was all just being targeted by the gov.blah blah blah because otherwise I’m super intelligent but I know I have/had the schizophrenia bipolar whatever.

Right now I’m struggling to accept it. I want to think its a gift.

I came down with diabetes while on Zyprexa. I weighed 340 lbs, gaining weight on Zyprexa. Four weeks ago I switched to Abilify. I’ve also taken Risperdal. I’m losing weight on Abilify, and my sexual functioning has returned. I really don’t know which AP is better if you have diabetes.

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Thanks so far that seems like the best two options. She actually wants to try Abilify so hopefully it works well. I think it would a lot less sedating and her symptoms of restlessness and movement issues might go away. I think Abilify is worse for diabetes as far as it causing possible sedation/weight gain, but she’s got that under control mostly.

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I couldnt tolerate abilify (used it only for a week, made me more psychotic, not less, so the psych stopped it…be careful when making the switch). But it was definitely less sedating and less depressant than haldol. And i have heard good stories from those who tolerate it well.

I dont think anybody knows what causes psychosis…I personally believe there are many routes to the same outcome. Did your mum get psychotic in menopause? I read some women do get late onset psychosis because the protection of “female” hormones (estrogen) falls away. Dont know enough about it though.

I inherited several auto immune disorders and metabolic disorders including diabetes from being on Seroquel for thirteen years. I’m now on perphenezine. It doesn’t hit diabetes.

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Abilify is the best to prevent metabolic diseases like diabetes. I had the least weight gain while on it. 3 other antipsychotics gave me 90lb extra weight, Latuda, Risperdal and Zyprexa.
Abilify is weak vs Risperdal and Zyprexa, I wasn’t stable on it (25mg) and got bad addiction issues from it.

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geodon and abilify

Abilify is a good choice if you suffer with metabolic issues.

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I have not been diagnosed as a diabetic. But my pdoc thinks latuda is less likey to raise your blood sugar compared to other aps. Latuda is suppose to help treat bipolar depression. It doesn’t help with anxiety.

Probably Vraylar, Latuda, or even Lumateperone. Vraylar has reduced my triglycerides.

perphenazine keeps me from gaining weight.

Well first gen APs are less likely to make one fat, right? Like Haldol beats Latuda in terms of weight gain. I hated Haldol with a passion because I felt so miserable on it. I always told me if ■■■■ hits the fan, I would try Haldol because it’s cheap, but then I saw here about the shortages and figured I’m ■■■■ out of luck no matter what.

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