Benzodiazepines and cognitive impairment?

Is it possible to fix cognitive impairment(forgetfulness and confusion) caused by benzos by taking drugs like those used for Alzheimer disease(memantine/donepezil) or maybe cognitive enhancers like atomoxetine or modafinil ?

Does cognitive impairment worsen over time ? Is it safe to take benzos for life long ? Can we fix cognitive impairment using memantine/donepezil or atomoxetine/modafinil ?

Once you’re off benzos, things should slowly get better on their own.

I’m not sure maybe my pdoc wants me to take them for life, but I just got a prescription for a month.

In that case you might have to live with those side effects. It’s strange to hear that a doctor would want you to be on them for life. But they obviously feel the benefits outweigh the downsides.

How are they helping you (the benzos)?

pdoc gave me clonazepam 0.25mg for panic/anxiety. Its just been 3 days but im worried about potential side effects.

Other people on here take other things for anxiety. Maybe talk to your doctor about a longer term solution, as benzos should only be taken sparingly and not long term.

But most anxiety solutions will have potential side effects.

I took a supplement l-theanine for a year, and it was a wonder supplement for anxiety for me, now I want to come off it and am experiencing withdrawal. So there’s no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to anxiety I think.

All SSRI/SNRIs r worsening my psychosis. So pdoc added a benzo. I might try lexapro again though

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Probably a bad idea if they’re making your psychosis worse. See how you get on with the benzos for now and ask your doc if he has any other solutions.