Benefits of having gone through psychosis

Was your psychosis all doom and gloom, or did it come with some positive qualities as well?

I realised I needed to stop being such a jack ass.

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The only positive psychosis I had was when I thought I was going to heaven when I die.


I had a fun psychosis
One of them out if a hundred

It was on and off for over 25 years,
Meds or no meds and the only delusional state that came up even when fully medicated

I had hilarious mania, which can be fun but rather painful

Putting the psychosis to one side… When you come out of it, you have experienced something pretty intense, and I think it changes you. Perhaps for the better, as you can relate to others who have had their mental state messed with.

I literally had no idea about anything to do with mental health problems for years after my diagnosis as I cut myself off from services

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It was mainly doom and gloom. But i had talks with Lucifer(he was good in my version) and he showed me what happens when we die. And he gave me a protection that i wear and is invisible to everyone but to keep me safe and healthy.

Lucifer is known to turn on us though, I’d leave him alone

How does he turn on you though? Hes always been pleasant with me.

I had euphoric things happen during psychosis but for the most part it was doom and gloom

In the Bible, seems like he’s consistently a backstabbed, you know what I mean?

I think this is right
It is a lot more extreme and anything else seems easier to cope with maybe
My only comparison is forgetting my lines on stage in front of 300 people
It was like the world turned inside out for a few seconds.At the same time I stood there realising that this is what psychosis is like for months,at a time
I think this is specific to schizophrenia
I had emergency Major abdominal surgery,
And it was pale in comparison.
I don’t think intensity is necessarily limited to schizophrenia though
I think drugs and alcohol abuse and depresIon can compare to the nightmare


As for lucifier i will tell you something of the nature of evil. It is something very common place evil. It is not as they would say killing and such. No true evil is so common place that you wouldn’t even recognize it. True evil is the old lady, the nature of evil. An old lady may be the most evil ever, but everyone thinks they are great. This is what I mean. It is what is in the mind, they may look harmless but actually not. True evil is so grotesque and inferior and weak

I agree though my dealings with lucifer he has not been unpleasant, he may be a victim, but he has fully the nature of evil in him

Much of the content for mine was very intelligent and interesting.

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